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2008-10-28 21:06:44 by PeterthePanda

drawing has gotten improvement


Zompacalpsy pictures

2008-10-13 20:28:26 by PeterthePanda

heres a picture from zompacalypsy,the art is improved,but ont by much,I'm getting a tablet for christmas so maybe The artwork will improve.

Zompacalpsy pictures

I am currently making a flash that is thought out well and some voices that are not just my own,

the flash is called "Zompacalypsy",Zombie killing, zombie related plot,story line,and some blood.

there are no pictures yet,since I need to get resources straight,then start on the animation,I can prmise it to have good animation,voices, and lots of other things.expect in a matter of weeks

Bacon and Bacon Man

2008-10-12 17:26:08 by PeterthePanda

I like Bacon.

And I like Super heroes.

so why not make Bacon Man?

and thats how bacon man was born,

Bacon and Bacon Man